Sleep Problems in dogs – Canine Insomnia

When I think of dogs with sleep disorders, I think of canine cognitive dysfuntion. This is similar to senility and can put a strain on the relationship between dogs and their families, harming the human-animal bond. There are other older dog problems that can cause dogs to not sleep through the night such as kidney disease, urinary tract infections, Cushing’s diseasea and pain related problems.

Sleep disorders in dogs, such as insomnia or sleeplessness, are uncommon owner complaints however if your dog is having sleep problems it could be a sign of…/Sleep-Disorders-in-Dogs/

I like how the author of this article addresses multiple avenues to address ad dog not sleeping at night. Too many people only want to look at something “natural” when there is a specific dog health problem causing the trouble. Also, some veterinarians are unwilling to try natural remedies because they don’t think they can be helpful.

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