This is a really good overview of summertime hazards for dogs. ᅠI don’t think most people realize all the trouble that dogs can get into during the summer months. ᅠThe brachycephalic breeds really are at risk due to the amount of excessive tissue in the airway. ᅠ

Also older dogs with poor laryngeal function really can be compromised very quickly when the weather heats up.

Start with slower, shorter walks and gradually increase according to your pet’s ability and health. •Try a simple keep-cool tactic such as soaking a bandanna in water and putting it in the freezer before you put it on your dog to wear on a walk.
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The Cypress Times

Follow the advice and make sure you have a fun, healthy summer with your dog!

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Bubonic plague is back — this time in New Mexico man

Fleas carry bubonic plague. ᅠDogs can carry fleas that carry this disease but most often people get it from fleas from rodents. ᅠJust thought this was interesting!

In 2009, several people in China died from pneumonic plague after a herdsman apparently contracted the disease from his dog. The New Mexico Department of Health recommends a variety of measures to reduce the risk of plague infection,
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Los Angeles Times

I remember my world history! It’s hard to believe that this disease caused millions of human deaths.

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Strike while the season’s hot: Tips for avoiding flea and tick infestations

Dog health can be greatly impacted by fleas and ticks. ᅠOnce fleas get into your home environment, they can stay there for a long time. ᅠTick-related diseases are increasing in frequency in the United States. ᅠWith increased testing and awareness, we are diagnosing more than Lyme disease. ᅠDiseases such as Ehrlichiosis, Anaplasma, Babesia and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever are becoming more prevalent. ᅠ

Not only are fleas and ticks an annoyance for dogs, cats and pet owners alike, but they can also cause health issues. And according to Dr. Nancy Hinkle, Ph.D ., professor of entomology at the University of Georgia, this flea and tick season is shaping

Read this article and protect your dog from these nasty parasites! Your dog will thank you for it.

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Groundbreaking Conference on Purebred Dogs. “The Purebred Paradox: The Health …

This is a very interesting conference that is addressing a dog health issue that needs to be addressed. ᅠI’m not sure that turning breeders into criminals is the best approach but someone needs to llok out for the best interest of the dogs. ᅠThe conference is proposing that dog breeding for looks should be banned. ᅠIt is very sad to see how many dachshunds have back problems. ᅠMany need surgery that can cost $5,000 or more.

WASHINGTON, DC (April 28, 2011) — Leading scientists, veterinarians, and others interested in the animal health and welfare consequences of dog breeding practices will convene in Washington, DC, on Thursday and Friday, April 28-29, for “The Purebred

I would like to see this problem addressed by more fircefully educating people about the dangers of certain dog breeds as it relates to genetically linked dog health problems and the significant expense that can be incurred. ᅠThe AKC olso should work with breeders in eliminating these undesirable traits.

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Cesar Millan: Help Me Stop Puppy Mills

Cesar Milan is clearly an advocate for dogs and dog health. ᅠSome may not agree with his methods but there is no doubt that he knows dogs and loves them. ᅠTake note of the tips for choosing a dog in this article so that you can stop supporting the puppy mill industry. ᅠAs long as people want specific breeds at low prices, ther is going to be demand to wha these mills are producing. ᅠ

be the product of a puppy mill, costing his new family thousands of dollars in vet bills and heartache over his life-threatening health and behavioral problems. If you are looking to get a dog from a breeder, be sure to do some thorough research.

Fox News

Puppy mills have grown out of the desire of people to own certain breeds of dogs and through pet stores selling these dogs to unwitting customers. Stop supporting these practices and you will stop putting money in their pockets.

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Avoid ticks to prevent Lyme disease

The threat of Lyme disease has spread throughout the country. ᅠHumans are much more susceptible to contracting Lyme disease after exposure as compared to dogs. ᅠIt is estimated that 95% of people that are exposed to Lyme disease will get sick from it whereas on;y 5-10% of dogs exposed will get sick from the bacteria. ᅠThe thing we are seeing in dogs is that testing positive for Lyme disease is a marker for tick exposure and that co-infections with other diseases are becoming more common. ᅠSome of these other diseases are more hamful to dogs that lyme diseas.

Co-infections with diseases such as Anaplasma, Babesia or Ehrlichia can cause more life threatening disease thta Lyme disease in dogs. ᅠMost dogs recover from Lyme disease with antibiotic therapy unless there is damage to the kidneys. ᅠ

Bottom Row: Dermacentor variabilis, the American dog tick, which isnot thought to transmit Lyme disease. Left to right: adult male, adult female, engorged adult female. Adults are most common in May, June, and July. Note that the adult dog ticks are

The take home message is that avoidance and great tick control are your keys to avoiding Lyme disease in people and in dogs. ᅠIT also has the benefit of greatly reducing exposure to other less-known tick borne disease.

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Breed profiling: What does it mean for your dog’s health …

I think more people need to become aware of the inherent medical risks of the breeds they are considering buying. ᅠSo many people fall in love twith the look of a dog and pay little attention to the health problems their new friend may face and the financial hardship they could run into trying to help their new friend. ᅠFrom heart disease in the Cavalier King Chales Spaniel to intervertebral disk disease in the dachsund, these are real risks and real costs.

While racial profiling is considered taboo, when it comes to our patients, veterinarians profile breeds like there’s no tomorrow. Sure, knowing the breed helps us predict the behavior we will encounter when we enter the exam room, –

Its a shame that resources that people read, such as books about breeds, fail to mention these risks and sugar coat the breed,even in the area of behavior and suitablility of certain breeds for certain situations. ᅠIt seems they are only concerned with protecting their favorite breeds reputation instead of giving honest information to interested people.

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Hard chew toys can break your dog’s teeth

Dog chew toys can cause lots of health problems. ᅠThere is probably no perfect dog chew toy but some are better than others. ᅠThe hard bones and nylabones often break dog’s teeth. ᅠI generally give my dogs the rectangular flat rawhide chews as these seem to cause the fewest problems. ᅠ

The absolute worst chew you can give your dog? “Hooves,” Koehm said. He even keeps one on display so people can see how brutal they are. “They are really hard and will break teeth and lacerate the gums.” Koehm offers this advice when evaluating a new

Probably the biggest take home message here is to watch your dog when chewing on a toy and make sure that it is not too hard and is digestible.

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Parasites waiting to harm dogs

Here’s a nice little summary of some of the most common parasites and infectious diseases we see dogs getting. ᅠThese are not hype and are not overblown. ᅠThey are real health problems of dogs that you may come across tomorrow if you take your dog for a walk. ᅠDiscuss what you can do with your veterinarian to maintain your dog’s health.

Parvovirus causes damage to the lining of the stomach and bowels, resulting in vomiting and diarrhea with blood. Parvovirus is shed in vomit and poops of infected dogs and can remain alive for years in soil and grass. Dogs become infected with

Dog health problems can crop up anywhere. ᅠUse this article as a guide to begin to educate yourself to what common infectious diseases your dog can catch on a walk or at the dog park.

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Veterinary Q&A: Why does it cost so much to clean a dog’s teeth?

Dog dental health is important. ᅠYou can improve your dog’s quality of life by taking proper care of his or her teeth. ᅠThe best way to do this is through DAILY brushing with a soft bristled toothbrush and a toothpaste specifically designed for dogs. ᅠ

The reason that dental “cleanings” cost so much is that they are far more complicated that a human dental cleaning. ᅠThe oral care that dogs receive would be the equivalent of periodontal care in humans, which is much more involved that a routine 6 month checkup with a general dentist. ᅠ

General anesthesia is required. ᅠI’ve had some dogs that needed 16 extraction in one session. ᅠThese dogs feels so much better within a few days, it can truly amazing in some cases. ᅠThis type of care is not without risk so veterinarians try to reduce the risk of complications by screening for other health problems that may be hidden.

Answer: The least expensive method of maintaining your pet’s oral health is prevention. About 80 percent of dogs and cats over 2 years of age have significant oral-health issues. Brushing, dental chews and toys, dental diets and some supplements can

The Seattle Times

This is a good article about the complexities of dog dental care. ᅠTo save yourself money and your dog suffering, brush their teeth daily!

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